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About Us

For more than 100 years, the ASP, a 501c3 nonprofit astronomy organization headquartered in San Francisco, has inspired professionals, researchers, educators, amateurs, and armchair astronomers to look up and wonder about our place in the universe, and about what the universe can teach and tell us.

Around the world, in classrooms, museums, planetariums, national parks, state parks, nature centers, astronomy clubs, city sidewalks, online and your own backyard, the ASP fosters scientific curiosity, advances science literacy, and shares the excitement of exploration and discovery.

We design and deliver innovative astronomy toolkits, programs, publications and education guides in our mission to inspire youth and adults across the economic spectrum – in support of their success as science, technology and academic leaders.

The ASP partners with NASA, AAS, National Science Foundation, and other leading professional and educational organizations in North America and overseas. Funding also comes from generous ASP members and donors committed to advancing science literacy through astronomy.

At the ASP, we:

  • Connect scientists, educators, amateur astronomers and the public.
  • Share the results of astronomical research and news through our publications.
  • Design and deliver professional development, services and toolkits to educators.
  • Organize a national forum for science and science education through our annual meeting.
  • Recognize excellence in astronomy and astronomy education through our awards.
  • Communicate the excitement of astronomy and science to the public.

Our primary goals:

  • Serve:
    • Professional astronomers through our publications and connections.
    • Education & public outreach professionals through our national meetings and collaborations.
    • Communicators through our materials, programs and expertise.
    • K-12 teachers through our networks, resources and training programs.
    • Informal educators through our networks, materials and workshop opportunities.
    • Amateur astronomers through our networks, training and outreach tools.
    • Public audiences through our resources, outreach programs and memberships.
  • Grow our programs, networks and publications to connect our diverse audiences and stakeholders.
  • Build on our recognized leadership in using astronomy to advance science literacy, engagement and connectivity.
  • Strengthen our organizational foundation based on an agile, integrated and multi-faceted approach to science education and public outreach.