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Education Resources

A Sampling of Hands-On Astronomy Activities from the ASP Jump into hands-on astronomy with these classroom tested activities from a variety of ASP programs

Surfing the Solar System Surf the web to find the answers to a fun solar system puzzle for the whole family

K-12 Online Astronomy Activities Navigate the tangled web of activities on the internet with this annotated list, organized by subject

Night Sky Network Astronomy Activities & Resources

The Universe in the Classroom, a newsletter for teachers.

Articles on Education from Mercury Magazine Hunt down some good ideas and resources in these archived articles from the “Education Newswire” and “Black Holes to Blackboards” departments of our membership magazine, Mercury.

Other Articles on Education

Selected Resource Guides
Gather some great background reading from these annotated astronomical resource guides:

Selected “AstroBeat” Articles Available to the Public

Astronomy Education Review Looking for research in astronomy education? This on-line journal and magazine is a good place to start.

Cosmic Clearinghouse serves as an educational clearing house for the best astronomy outreach resources, activities, images, materials, guides, facilities and events for a variety of target audiences from the casual enthusiast to the professional educator.

Websites for Teaching Introductory Astronomy to College Non-science Majors Get out of the lecture mode, even in large classes, with some of these ideas from colleagues.

A Catalog of Astronomy Apps for Smartphones and Tablets An annotated guide to about 100 astronomical apps that help you get to know the sky, organize your observing, see magnificent image, keep track of news from astronomical projects, do calculations, etc.

Space Science Education Resource Directory Jump into a universe of NASA developed products.