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The ASP publishes regular/periodic publications which can be purchased by subscription or in some cases through our online store the AstroShop. Other recently published astronomy books are featured in our Books of Note section. This section below features links about working with the ASP to publish or receive the publications.


ASP Conference Series

The ASP is a leading publisher of conference proceedings on recent developments in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Conference Series volumes provide a comprehensive overview of the latest research in a particular field of astronomy. Information about the ASP Conference Series with lists of volumes and forthcoming volumes can be found here.

ASPCS Institutional Subscriptions

Electronic Access
Electronic access is available for all Conference Series titles & individual articles. Browse the e-Book Access site to see book contents and article abstracts and to get quick and easy access to specific titles.

ASP Monograph Publications

The ASP occasionally publishes select stand-alone titles which enhance appreciation and awareness of astronomy. These will be valuable resources for professional astronomers, but some may also be of interest to graduate students, educators, and amateur astronomers.

This page includes a current list of the ASP Monograph Publications, ordering information, and contact information for those interested in publishing an ASP Monograph.

IAU Publications: Symposia, Highlights, and Transactions

The IAU Symposia is a series of books describing the scientific proceedings of Symposia sponsored by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

The IAU Highlights record the proceedings of most of the scientific events held at the IAU General Assembly.

The IAU Transactions are reports on astronomy and transactions of IAU meetings which are unique in presenting a complete, authoritative, yet compact review of scientific progress in all branches of astronomy.


Publications of the ASP (PASP)

PASP is the technical journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), publishing refereed papers on astronomical research covering all wavelengths and distance scales as well as papers on the latest innovations in astronomical instrumentation and software. PASP is distributed by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing to individuals with Technical Membership in the ASP or to Institutions with subscriptions through IOP.


Mercury Magazine (ASP Members and Institutional Subscribers Only)

Mercury is the quarterly membership magazine of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Mercury is now digital only and accessible to members and subscribers. It continues to cover an eclectic range of topics, from the latest science developments to history, education, observing, archaeoastronomy, and culture. Most Mercury articles are written by leading experts in their respective fields.


The Universe in the Classroom

The Universe in the Classroom is an electronic publication for teachers and other educators who want to help students of all ages learn more about science, astronomy and the universe. Designed for teachers who have some interest in astronomy, but not much knowledge of it, each issue of the Universe in the Classroom contains information on a topic of current astronomical interest, classroom activities to make the topic come alive for students and resource links to take you deeper into the subject. On the website, you can read the latest issue, sign up to receive updates of our quarterly issues or mine the riches of our online archives.

ASP E-mail Newsletters

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific offers several e-mail newsletters on a variety of topics, including ASP news and events, AstroShop products, and Conference Series updates. Sign up for one or more newsletters here.

Special Features (ASP Members Only)


Exclusive ASP Membership Benefit

AstroBeat is a bi-monthly, on-line article written by “insiders” from the worlds of astronomy research and outreach.