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Institutional Subscriptions for ASP Conference Series

The ASPCS offers Institutional Subscriptions with two options: hard copy book with electronic access or electronic access alone.

ASPCS Volumes are included in a subscription according to the date the book was posted online, an institution’s subscription term, and the type of subscription (electronic-only or print+electronic). For example, if an institution subscribes from January-December 2015 with a print+electronic subscription, the subscription includes those books which are posted online between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. The institution receives both electronic access and the corresponding printed book for each volume posted online during that date range, regardless of the copyright year or when the printed book was released.

Added Value: Current subscribers receive electronic access to all back volumes at no charge during the term of their subscription.

To become a Subscriber, please use our forms below.

Questions: contact us at service {at} or (800) 335-2624 (U.S. only) or 415-715-1414.

New Customers

We invite libraries or astronomy departments to become subscribers to the ASP Conference Series. Subscriptions are offered with two options, hard copy books with electronic access or electronic access alone. We offer a tiered pricing based on the number of professional astronomers and space scientists.

  • Tiered pricing makes subscriptions more affordable for smaller institutions.
  • Electronic-only subscriptions save on shipping costs and concerns, especially for some international locations.
  • Subscriptions include electronic access to all ASPCS volumes on our e-access site during the entire term of your subscription. This includes out-of-print and archival volumes.

Subscription Forms & Price Sheets (pdf)

Standing Order Institutions/Libraries subscription form (pdf)

Resellers subscription form (pdf)

Terms and Conditions Form (pdf)

Individual Purchases